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The JOB POINT Berlin. Who we are

Our concept is simple, yet effective: we strive to facilitate the contact between employers and employees in an innovative, sustainable and non-bureaucratic manner. We offer career coaching and organize recruiting events such as job datings and job fairs. Our database with vacancies in and around the city is the beating heart of the JOB POINT Berlin. There, companies have the opportunity to publish their job offers free of charge and increase their visibility in the region.

The JOB POINT Berlin consists of three co-working spaces with an IT infrastructure. We support job seekers during the application process. In addition, companies can schedule a job dating with us and get to present their philosophy and job openings, and meet prospective employees.

Besides, we assist companies through larger recruiting events such as our “Shop a Job”-fairs. There, employers not only have the chance to find a capable workforce, but also to network with each other and with political actors.

The JOB POINT Berlin is a unique project, which is part of the local political and social landscape now for almost twenty years. Funded by the Senat of Berlin, we cooperate closely with further political actors such as the Federal Employment Agency as well as with numerous district authorities.

Guide for new Berliners

First steps

The Federal Employment Agency offers detailed information on all aspects of living and working in Germany.

Make it in Germany is the official website of the Federal Government. It provides useful information for foreign professionals – from relocating, to finding a job, to grasping the German income tax.

Arrive App by Federal Office for Migration and Refugees – this App is designed to guide newcomers through their first weeks in Germany. Available in several languages.

Talent Berlin relocating to Berlin? This portal offers information on living and working in the city: from visa requirements to job opportunities.

Job Search

Xpat Jobs filters job offers by language.

Jobsin Network filters vacancies by language, country and experience.

Talent Berlin´s job portal, provides job offers in different industries in the capital region.

Creative City Berlin offers vacancies in the creative industry

How much do I earn in Germany?

The website Entgeldatlas is in German only, nevertheless very manageable when using a translator. It offers accurate and up-to-date information on salaries in different sectors. as an overview of salaries in different sectors, a gros/net salary calculator as well as job listings. The website is in German.

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